With Sapiens now out in early access, it’s been a busy few months! So busy in fact, that I haven’t been keeping this website up to date, so here’s a couple of things you might have missed.

Soon after the launch in August, I published a “Making Of Sapiens” video, which goes back over the entire creation of the game, right up to clicking the launch button

Then the first major content update - “Herbal Medicine” went out in October. The update introduced viruses, burns, food poisoning, and new injuries. To deal with these new challenges, sapiens now need to find a number of new plants that can be researched and combined into medicines. The update also brought improvements to the graphics, AI, and user interface, and provided a whole lot of smaller fixes and improvements too.

To round out the year, I’m currently working on full controller support, and will be launching a macOS port very soon.

It’s been an amazing journey getting Sapiens out into the world. There’s still so much more I want to do with Sapiens though, and I can’t wait to start working on the next big content update in the new year.