I’ve been posting weekly updates for 2 weeks now, the first two are here and here. But it makes more sense to post them on the front page too, so from now on I’ll be doing that.

This week I’ve mostly been working on stockpiles. One thing I’m keen to avoid in Ambience is any kind of inventory management. So instead of stacks of items in UI slots in chests or baskets, the resources you find, grow, or craft will always be actual physical objects in the world.

With all of these objects lying around though, things get messy fast. So high on the todo list was to add stockpiles, a place to neatly stack a pile of things to get them out of the way, and for later use.

For example, once an empty rock stockpile is placed, your people will go out and fetch all the nearby rocks and pile them up. The fetching of items is at a low priority, so they’ll only do that if they have nothing better to do. Then when you actually want to build something that needs rocks, you won’t have to wait for them to be picked up from far away.

This week I’ve also added raspberry bushes, and started working on the FMOD based audio system, so I can finally get sounds and music into the game.

See you next week!